Quality and sustainability

Made in Germany - it's this promise we live up to.
Our value and production chains can be traced back without any interruptions. Thus we can ensure a high level of security regarding both our product and quality standards. We guarantee adhering to and maintaining German and European standards and requirements of product security. Moreover it goes without saying that our company located in Germany grants production and finishing standards which fulfil a maximum level of environmental protection and social working conditions.

We use raw materials and colouring pigments of European suppliers only. These are fully complying with European REACH-regulations and eco-tex-standards.

Apart from high-end synthetic and metal buttons (with an up to 50 % recycling quota – depending on the material used), we also produce buttons out of natural material, in our case liquid wood. These buttons are completely 100 % out of renewable raw material.

We produce and finish our buttons exclusively in our location in Baernau (Bavaria) – both environmentally aware and energy-saving.

Our self-service packaging consists 90 % out of recycled/ waste paper, is fully separable and can be completely recycled.

Our button tubes are not meant to be given to the retail customers but are designed for the attractive presentation of our buttons in retail shops and stores.

Our shipping and transportation cartons are produced out of corrugated cardboard and stuffed with used newspapers. This means all our packaging is 100 % recyclable